Engineering Student At iLEAD Academy  

Primary Enrollment: Henry County High School

Further Enrollment: JCTC & iLEAD Academy 


Great opportunities start with great education

  • Engineering Classes

  • STEM Programs 

  • Robotics Program 

  • Hands-on Education

  • Like Minded Individuals 

  • Flex Learning Environment

  • Associates of Science Degree  

Extra Curricular/STEM Involvement 

Kentucky United Nations Assembly 

VEX Robotics 

Technology Student Association 

Student Technology Leadership Program  

Student Government & NHS

I will inspire others through my work ethic and achievements, I will create change through engineering. 

-Mission Statement 

Why Engineering?

  • Application 

  • Hands-on 

  • STEM 

  • Challenge 

  • Change 

  • Future 

I am a very technical minded person. From a young age I've always enjoyed problem solving and the mechanics behind things.  I am very conscious of my future and how my education and experience today will effect it. I want to learn more of the technical aspects in industry and learn the "why" behind the working. Naturally engineering provides a perfect opportunity to take my problem solving skills to the next level as well as broaden my horizon for the future. 

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